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Board of Advisors

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Travis Bieberitz

Travis Bieberitz is the father of five energetic boys. Aside from being a full-time dad, he enjoys aviation and is a commercially rated pilot.


He has been involved in the investing and consulting community for over 10 years. With ever-increasing opportunities in the crypto-currency sector, he has become keen on opportunities specifically within the Cryptocurrency and Foreign Exchange platforms.

Over the past several months, he has obtained access to numerous successful and thoroughly vetted platforms. As consultants, the team has successfully connected over 400 clients to advantageous investing opportunities.

Terrence Circle.png

Terrence Moses

Terrence Moses, a young professional, has been in the investing for over five years. He began his career trading within the Foreign Exchange market in 2015 prior to his migration to Crude Oil Futures in 2016. After successfully trading for a Bitcoin financier in 2017 and learning of the wealth he amassed with cryptocurrencies, his hunger for knowledge surrounding Bitcoin and obtaining profits only grew. Having seen efficient and dynamic results as a return, he started consulting to share these powerful opportunities to those who want to expand their investment portfolio, realize their goals, and become financially comfortable.  

Carl White

Grace and Peace!  

Pastor Carl White is a Father, Grandfather and Minister

of Music.  He is Retired from the Postal Service and has

been in the Crypto Currency Field for over ten Years!


He has been working for many years in the network 

marketing Industry seeking out programs with longevity

and passiveness to create a friendly and safe enviroment for his team.  Pastor Carl has Joined Forces with Travis, JR, Neville and Terrence.

We are putting our heads together to make it happen!

Join us and find success with us!

JR McKinney


A solid background in sales and product experience in the Insurance and Health Industry

Owned and Operated Independent Insurance Agencies for 27 years. Was responsible for the  Independent Insurance Agency Sales and Management, Representing Life A and H, Medical Supplement and Property Casualty Companies all over the US. Responsible for placing Life A and H products and property/casualty insurance for Commercial and Personal accounts.

Developer of Real Estate, Owned and Leased Commercial and Apartment Buildings. 30 years experience in taking new developments from concept to permitting and selling out. 


JR entered the bitcoin / blockchain arena in November of 2017 and has created his own bank in the blockchain field.  His passion is teaching the blockchain way of life, including internet 3.0, decentralized finance, NFT's, and the metaverse.


US Navy-R Radioman/Communications 1971-1972 Served on USS McCandless DE 1084 Home port Norfolk, VA Served on the Nucleus Crew In Boston Naval Shipyard. Responsibilities included outfitting the DE for Cruising the Mediterranean


Hobbies- Golf, Fishing- freshwater  Striped Bass is my freshwater specialty and salt water is anything caught is highly  acceptable. Experience with catching Dolphin, Tuna White and Blue Marlin, Shark, King Mackerel. Exercise - nautilus. Biking.

Auto Racing-Formula I, GT, NASCAR, Indy 500, Monaco formula I. 

Neville Easley

Neville Easley is a Father, Husband, Global Networker, Marketing Consultant
and Cryptopreneur who has been involved in Cryptocurrency since 2013. He is

also the proud Owner of a Bitcoin ATM located in Coral Springs, Florida

alongside his wife who is also a CryptoPreneur. 


What impressed him about this industry was the fact that people can utilize

Digital Currency to transact around the World from the comfort of their homes without depending on a Bank/Middleman.

Cryptocurrency also allowed Neville to RETIRE from Trading Time for dollars in the Insurance and Medical Fields to pursue his Dreams of helping others grow Multiple Streams of Income. Teamwork
Makes The Crypto work in which everyone can WIN with the right opportunities. Neville is BLESSED to have formed a 

fruitful partnership with the like-minds of Travis, Terrence, Jr and Carl. 

Dr. Dennis Daniels

Michael Choma

Michael Choma is a father, husband and has a very strong professional sales and marketing background.  Michael is a former National Sales Manager for a very well know publicly traded Automotive company.  He has owned and operated a commercial Equipment Leasing & Financing company for 22 years.  His Crypto background is very impressive as he first bought his first Bitcoin in the Summer of 2015 but really started learning Crypto in 2016.  Michael has been helping and training hundreds if not thousands of regular everyday people on how to get started in Crypto as well as how to earn income passively with Crypto.  He has a very strong following on the internet as well as Youtube.  Michael is also a two time 6 figure earner from two Network Marketing Companies. 


His favorite saying is “ Relationships Are Built On Thin Threads” 


When working with Michael Choma you will feel his passion as he never holds back his love for crypto and helping others to learn and succeed.  That is what he is all about.   


We are excited to have Michael on our Executive Advisory Board and part of the TMB Consultant Group. 

Dennis Daniels has his in doctorate in theology and is the author of two books on personal
finance, Shape Up Your Credit Score and Financial Integrity for Life. He has over 45 years’
experience in finance, insurance, investing, and credit repair and is now bringing that
experience to the cryptocurrency world. He is a life-long entrepreneur and has owned and
operated his own insurance agency specializing in group insurance, an asset protection firm,
and for the last four years has specialized in helping clients improve their credit scores.
He has held Series 6 and 63 securities licenses and was a Registered Investment Advisor, as well
as holding life and health insurance licenses in four states during his career. His undergraduate
degree is in Business Administration with concentrations in marketing and management.
In addition to his extensive business experience, he is an ordained Christian minister and has
served as a worship leader in various churches for the past 30 years. He is an accomplished
vocalist, guitar and bass player and writes and records contemporary Christian music. He also
currently serves as Chairman of the Elder Board at the church he attends with his wife of over
30 years.

His passion now is in introducing others to the world of high-yield cryptocurrency investing and
showing people how to create wealth using tested and conservative methods of multiplying
their investments.


In 2017 our team met and understood the power of creating wealth passively, without having to work physically to earn profits daily. Together, they educated themselves on Bitcoin while also seeking consistent platforms to earn profits from their investments and found that they functioned well as a team.


They found their niche in this market in order to consistently generate profit and create a successful business partnership as well ad the desire to help others obtain the same goals.

Their top priority is the longevity and sustained growth of their company, TMB Consulting    ,   by TMB Group   .



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TMB begins documenting clients’ goals in reference to the current planning portfolio. Evidence-based financial investment strategies designed to meet the client’s risk tolerance and stand tall against market volatility.  TMB ensures unbiased recommendations and objective guidance based directly on individualized needs and goals. Extensive knowledge and seasoned expertise are combined to construct personalized financial plans aimed at achieving the client’s financial goals. Plans include savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies in addition to initial and ongoing investments. TMB prioritizes keeping a constant line of communication with their clients in order to re-evaluate the current status of investments to plan accordingly for the future.


TMB has a passion for financial planning with the intent of assisting both individuals and companies with diversifying portfolios, managing assets, analyzing market trends, and reducing financial risk. The purpose this technique serves is to safeguard dreams that clients strive to achieve as well as to protect assets they have worked so hard to accumulate. Once an investment plan is implemented, clients will receive regular statements from their TMB advisor with updates on profile status. Regular meetings via phone call, email, and Team Viewer will be scheduled to consistently review goals and progress. Clients will have the opportunity for personalized Q&A.

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