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The Ultimate in Off-shore Crypto Banking

Banking with Cryptocurrency

For USA Residents Only

  • Connect Directly to your Bank for off-ramping your crypto.

  • Pay all your bills with Crypto USDT

One of the problems with cryptocurrency, is that it’s difficult to off-ramp your crypto into a bank account in order to pay bills. In the past you would have to send your crypto to a centralized exchange, then off-ramp that crypto to a bank account by cashing it out for fiat currency. The process is time consuming and often takes several days for your earnings to reflect in your account. Spritz changes that.

Spritz connects your real-world bill pay accounts to your crypto wallet so that you can pay your bills directly, in seconds, with the crypto you keep in your wallet. There is no need to off-ramp into a bank account or swap crypto for fiat, but you can do that too! Spritz makes it easier than ever to actually use the crypto you earn in the real world. 


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