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Getting Set up In

STEP 1:  Bookmark this instructions page now so you don't lose it!


This is the instructions page for getting started with Paraiba. When you have a question, come back to this page to find the answer.  After you refer a new member to Paraiba through either your referral link or gifted sub-account, send them here for the instructions immediately after they enroll. If you do not do that, your referral will not know what to do, and they will ask you two dozen questions and eat up all your time.


This will extend their funding time and their production time by a very long time, costing you, and them, a lot of profit. The moment they've joined you should be sending them a text or email with a link to this page, with some message like, "Glad you're here with us! Please go here now for exact instructions on getting started.  Just follow the steps."



ALSO, IF you landed here from some way other than my email, go ahead and subscribe to my list so I can keep you informed on all things Paraiba.

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If you have not had a chance to watch the Paraiba over view, take some time now to become familiar with the company before you get started.

Now that you have finished watching the company overview it's time to decide how serious you are at building this to some amazing weekly income.

Now is the time to get in because Paraiba is in transition into a new phase where we could see 10X what we are earning now. 



See example below to find where you fund your BTC wallet in your back office of your Unique account.

STEP 4:  Review the FAQ's

Q: How do I fund my Unique account?

A: View below video. 

Make sure you fund your BTC, DASH, or ETH wallet first.  Min $25

Now click on Paraiba World and type in the amount of BTC you want to fund your account.

Q: How can I share this with my prospects? 

A: Have your prospects view the video below. 

Q: If I only start with say $100, what can I expect to get for a monthly ROI?

A: This depends on a few factors but what I can say right now is that because Paraiba is in the middle of transition to a new phase, we are told we can expect up to 10X what we are currently earning.

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